A new start

In 2010, I launched Punk Domestics with a vision in mind: To celebrate the wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion for home food preservers and DIY weekend warriors everywhere. I wanted to create an engine for discovery and inspiration.

Within just a few days of bringing the site into the world, contributions came in not just from fellow blogger friends, but a rich community of people far and wide who educated, enlightened, and entertained with their exploits. It was exciting.

Though the community and the site grew for a while, I was never able to make it better than a self-supporting venture. For years now, contributions, traffic, and (let’s be real) ad revenue have been in sharp decline. Costs of maintenance, both monetary, temporal, and emotional, have become too great.

But this is not an end. It is a new beginning.

Things change

Everything has changed in the eight years since I first launched Punk Domestics. Many, if not most, of my contributors over the years are no longer blogging. Heck. blogging isn’t blogging in the sense it used to be.

Everything has moved into the social sphere, and so, therefore, will Punk Domestics. My goal is to focus my attention on the Facebook and Instagram accounts, and use them in the same way as Punk Domestics was conceived: To highlight and celebrate the community of DIY and food preservation enthusiasts everywhere.

I saved the old site as a static archive, broken links and all, for all to use as a reference, and here’s a custom search function:


Being at the helm of Punk Domestics has enriched my life immeasurably. I have met literally hundreds of amazing people, online and in person, at home and around the country. Many have become close personal friends that I will always treasure.

I have written on food preservation for multiple outlets. I’ve even brought groups to Italy for hands-on foodcraft classes, including breaking down a 200-kg hog into all kinds of salumi.

I mean, who gets to do that?

We still can

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey. I want your feedback and input. If you’re doing something great, let me know. Let me share your passion and enthusiasm with the world.

Sean Timberlake
Founder, Punk Domestics