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Use Those Herbs!

Having an herb garden is great, when you need a pinch of this or that. But when the herbs go rangy and begin to bolt, it's time to hack them back and put them by. Here's a few applications for when you need to use your homegrown herbs by the hank.

Pesto found on
Basil is the traditional herb here, but use your imagination and make pesto from a wide variety of herbs, like sage, oregano and more. (Image via Hitchhiking to Heaven)
Chimichurri found on
Parsley, cilantro and garlic make the backbone of this Argentinean sauce, perfect over grilled beef but delicious with almost anything. (Image via Delectable Musings)
Cilantro Chutney found on
Cilantro Chutney
Traditionally used alongside appetizers in Indian food, this refreshing chutney wakes up all kinds of foods. (Image via Cooking in Weschester)
Zhoug found on
A spicy, fiery Israeli condiment made with fresh cilantro, parsley, green chiles and garlic. Sure to become a pantry staple! (Image via Blue Kale Road)

Herbes Salées found on
Herbes Salées
Layering fresh herbs with salt preserves their fresh flavor through the winter months. Consider it a form of homemade bouillon.(Image via Tim Vidra)
Dried Herbs found on
Dried Herbs
Or simply hang them to dry. Why pay premium at the market for dried herbs you can make yourself? (Image via
Preserved Herbs found on
Preserved Herbs
Preserve herbs by fermenting them. Tastes as fresh as when you picked them and the brine is as flavorful as the herbs themselves. (Image via Pickle Me Too)
herb-invused-vinegar found on
Herb-Infused Vinegar
Pop those herbs in vinegar to steep their fresh flavors into the acidic base. Perfect for salad dressings, or waking up everyday cooking. (Image via The View from Great Island)
Chive Blossom Vinegar found on
Chive Blossom Vinegar
Pretty purple chive blossoms infuse vinegar with a subtly oniony sweetness and a vibrant pinkish hue. (Image via Food in Jars)
Herbal Infusions found on
Herbal Infusions
Extract the essence of fresh herbs by infusing them in your booze of choice. Your cocktails will thank you. (Image via Evermine)
Herbal Simple Syrup found on
Herbal Simple Syrup
Speaking of cocktails, herb-infused simple syrup can turn your next drink from insipid to insanely delicious. (Image via Flour, Water, Dirt and Rain)


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