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Punk Domestics in Italy 2015: Preserves with Marzia

I had the great pleasure once again to bring a group to Emilia-Romagna, Italy, for a week of hands-on food craft classes, as I had done in January 2012. This trip was a wonderful balance of things familiar and new, enhanced by being in the country during arguably the best season. Autumn in Italy is truly enchanting. (Hey, we're going again this year. Want to join us? Of course you do. Click here for more info.)

I met my group in the Bologna airport. The lot of us were trickling in at different times, since folks were arriving from San Francisco, Iowa, France, and Sweden; one guest was already in Bologna, doing some exploration on his own. One by one we met at La Vecchia Bologna, an osteria in the arrivals area. Over some local wine and a few bites, our group bonded instantly. By the time our local guide met us, we were fast friends. 

On our first day, we met up with my friend Marzia Brigante. On my last trip, Marzia taught us a few preserves, including savòr, a local conserve made from quince, apples, pears, nuts, and the reduced grape juice called saba. Ths time, she mixed things up a bit, and taught us four new recipes: 

And so my industrious students got to work chopping away, and then it was into the kitchen to cook and can. 

Italy October 2015 - 12


Italy October 2015 - 20

Italy October 2015 - 17

Italy October 2015 - 5

Italy October 2015 - 6

Note: In Italy, and to the best of my knowledge many places in Europe (or for that matter even just outside the US), water bath canning is not widely done. Hot jams are simply poured into clean jars, lids are screwed tightly on, and the jars are inverted. However, I recommend adhering to the USDA standards on water bath canning and using tested recipes to ensure safety. 

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