Craftcation 2014

Thanks to all who attended my sessions at Craftcation 2014. Here are notes and resources for my two DIY panels.

Put Up a Peck of Peppers:


Food gifts and creative packaging:

Thanks to our sponsor Sizzix. Here are some highlights. 


Things to consider: 

  • Jars are reusable. Avoid applying permanent stickers that will become ugly after washing. 
  • Consider function as well as form. Embellish with extras that enhance the usability of the gift, like spoons for jam or straws for liqueur.
  • Print your own labels (see resources below), or use a tool like Sizzix to cut custom forms for lids and tags. 
  • Give those rims a hit of color with spray paint, washi tape, nail polish, etc. 
  • Play with color and texture. Use scrap materials you have around the house. 
  • Consider including relevant instructions or information on your packaging, like use-by dates, storage tips, etc.
  • For mason jars, do not seal with anything permanent, like wax. 
  • See Well Preserved's Pimp My Preserves pin board for further inspiration, like the ones below: 

Playing around with Sizzix and washi tape:

Resources for printed labels: 


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