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This Weekend: Can-a-Rama!

Strawberry jam

What are you doing this weekend? That's right -- you're canning! Canning Across America, a group of canning enthusiasts and evangelists, is once again hosting their annual Can-a-Rama this Friday-Sunday, July 20-22. On this cantastic weekend, they encourage you to host or join canning parties, or just sidle up to your kettle and put something up all on your own. 

In preparation, they're kicking off the festivities with a Twitter #CanningChat this evening at 6 pm PDT to answer questions and inspire canners both new and seasoned with ideas and recipes. Throughout the Cana-a-Rama weekend, they'll be offering recipes and having giveaways, so follow them on Twitter at @Canvolution, give their Facebook page a Like, or follow along on their blog to stay in tune with all the canning action. 

What will you put up this weekend? And will you host a canning party? 

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