Watch Marisa of "Food in Jars" Live, Plus a Giveaway

Click here to watch the video with Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars.

Update: Huge thanks to Marisa for coming to our humble abode and hanging out to talk canning. She answered many of the questions, and we will answer the remainder as replies to the comments on this post. She's a busy gal, though, heading to LA for the remainder of her West Coast book tour, so please allow us some time. 

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Congratulations to our winners! We had 42 comments and 54 tweets/pins. Amazingly, the random number generator chose comment #1, so kudos to Nomnivorous! And of the pooled tweets and pins, the lucky number is 21, a tweet by user @ourgirl. Congrats to you both! 

Food in Jars. It's a much-loved blog on canning and all other manner of jarred goodness. And now, it's a book that's got us all popping our lids. People are talking about it. People are cooking from it. And believe you me, you want it. And you can get it. 

Marisa is gracefully taking some time out of her very busy book tour schedule to stop by Punk Domestics World Headquarters, and we'll be streaming live on Saturday, June 23, at 11 am PDT to answer your questions. 

The best part? I have two -- that's right two -- copies of Food in Jars to give away to two lucky recipients out there. If you're really lucky, maybe I can even get her to sign them. Here's how you can win: 

Enter to win book #1
Ask your question by leaving a comment on this blog post between now and midnight, Wednesday, June 20. We'll collect the questions and tackle as many as we can. (Pro tip: For greatest ease of leaving comments, be a logged in member of the site by clicking "Join/Log In" in the upper right so you don't have to wrestle with the CAPTCHA code.) All questions have been captured for this giveaway.

Enter to win book #2
Click here to tweet about this post, or pin it on Pinterest. Do both and you get two entries. Again, you have until midnight Wednesday.  All tweets and pins have been logged for this giveaway.

Then, on Saturday morning at 11 am PDT, we'll post a link to the live stream (you do "like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can get all the latest buzz, right?) where you can tune in and watch Marisa answer your questions, moderated by yours truly. At the end, we'll announce the winners. How much fun is that? 

But wait, do you want even more ways to win a copy? Hop on over to Local Kitchen and the Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking, both of whom are hosting giveaways of their own. What can we say? We're crazy about Food in Jars, and we want to share the love with you. 

Live streaming video via iPhone holder by Boomgrip.

What's the cheapest way

What's the cheapest way (aside from home growing) to get enough food to can?

Chilean Guavas

Do you have any suggestions for canning chilean guavas? They are much smaller than the normal yellow ones but have large seeds that would need to be removed somehow.

What are your canning resources?

What are your favorite canning resources, be it book, blog, website? Other than punkdomestics of course!

Is there a thing people can

Is there a thing people can all the time that you just wish would never, ever get canned again?
(My vote is for mushy canned peas ;p )

I have a persistent fear of

I have a persistent fear of poisoning my loved ones with botulism. How would you recommend I overcome this? Any tips for improving canning confidence?

What food in a jar do you

What food in a jar do you most like making to give as a gift?


How many canned goods do you have open in your fridge at any given time? :)

What is your favorite

What is your favorite meal/dish to cook that incorporates one of your canned items?

RAW food diet and canning

Here is my quandry. I have canned a lot in the past (back when I was a young hippie and now am an old hippie)and would love to start again, but I am also trying to be at least 90% RAW because of the health effects on my aging body. I have so many issues that I have 'cured' by eating RAW. Of course, the problem is, you cannot heat things up past 115 degree's and be RAW. So is there a way to circumvent this issue with canning?

What is your all time favorite jarred recipe?

Whether sweet or savory, what's your most favorite thing to make every year?

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