Use Those Jams in Pies and Tarts

With the holidays comes a flurry of baking and entertaining -- all good excuses to use up those home-canned jams you've been squirreling away all year. Pies and tarts are a perfect vehicle for many of your preserved goods, both sweet and savory. We have gathered some favorite recipes from around the web to help you make use of your precious stash.
Linzer Torte
From Not Derby Pie comes a recipe for a classic German Linzer Torte using raspberry jam. If you want to try something a little different, why not replace the raspberry jam with one of your favorite jams.
Easy Jam Tart
Our American in Paris, David Lebovitz, brings us a recipe for a very versatile jam tart. The recipe is simple enough and works with any jam; we favor apricot jam for this tempting tart.  
Sometimes a full sized pie isn't always the answer. Why not try one of these delicious mini-pies from Hedgerow Rose? She used blackberry jam, but feel free to use whatever preserves you have on your shelves.
Goat Cheese Tarts
Sweet and savory is an enticing combination, and Blue Kitchen serves up this brilliant marriage of goat cheese, leeks and apricot preserves. Try making your own goat cheese to make this a truly homemade experience.
Bacon Hand Pies
Oh, bacon. Is there anything you can't do? Kitchen Konfidence jumps on the runaway bacon train to create this unique hand pie using a savory/sweet bacon jam. Never made bacon jam before? Maybe now is the time to try!

ooh- tiny pies!

I can't believe I never thought of tiny pies! Love it. I still have one last jar of strawberry jam waiting for some lovin', and I recently got my hands on some late ripening pears. I'm thinking of a thin torte for the pears- a pear studded thin cake. Maybe a few cranberries thrown in for fun.

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