Three Things Thursday: Smoked Edition

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. This time, I'm focusing on the smoky aromas of autumn. What are you smoking?

Smoked Chicken of the Woods Mushroom
Smoked Chicken of the Woods Mushroom
Forage these beauties from the local woods, then cold smoke them ti give theme depth of flavor, and saute them in a tangy-sweet sauce. From Urban Nettle, who also has a nice piece on making smoked salt.
Extra Smoky Tomato Jam
Extra Smoky Tomato Jam
Smoked paprika and cumin add lots of depth to charred tomatoes in this jam, with the right balance of acidity and sweetness. It’s really more of an all-purpose condiment than just a sweet jam. Great way to use those ugly tomatoes you get at the end of the season. Fantastic on grilled cheese! From Tammy Kimbler.
Smoked Salmon Candy
Smoked Salmon Candy
Hank Shaw brings us this venerable Pacific Northwest method of preserving salmon -- it's halfway between jerky and regular smoked salmon, heavily smoked and sweet from brown sugar and maple syrup.

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