Three Things Thursday: Hot Stuff Coming Through

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me.

Persimmon Infused Dolin Vermouth
Hangikjöt: Icelandic Smoked Lamb
An Icelandic speciality, traditionally cured and then smoked in dried sheep dung. The more squeamish/modern amongst you can use wood smoke though! From Well Hung Food.

Nuclear Fission Hots Pepper Relish
Nuclear Fission "Hots" Pepper Relish
In Baltimore, when you order a sandwich in a sub shop, a specialty called "hots" is offered along with the usual condiments. I imagine this relish would be amazing on scrambled eggs, on tortilla chips like salsa, or served over grilled chicken. From welike2cook.
Zuccherini (Digestive Liqueur Sugar Cubes)
Zuccherini (Digestive Liqueur Sugar Cubes)
Zuccherini are wicked Italian sweet treats. Choose your favorite herb, spice, citrus fruit or berry, infuse it into a sugar cube, flambé it, pop it into your mouth and wait for the taste explosion! From Wildcraft Diva.
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