Three Things Thursday: Grape Edition

Once again it's Three Things Thursday, where I highlight three things that ran on the site recently that inspired, intrigued or impressed me. Sticking with this week's grape theme, here's this week's picks:

How to Make Verjus
How to Make Verjus
This is what you do when life gives you unripe grapes. Made with wild or domestic grapes, verjus (verjuice) is just the strained juice of unripe grapes. You use it like a mild vinegar. Best part? Verjus plays well with wine, where vinegar does not. Hank Shaw shows you how.
Concord Grape Chutney
Concord Grape Chutney
Drizzled over roasted vegetables, used as a glaze for roast pork, spread on a grilled cheese sandwich or incorporated in your next cheese plate, this seasonal chutney is sure to impress! (No need to tell anyone just how easy it is to make...) Courtesy of Philly Herbivore
Preserved Grape Leaves
Preserved Grape Leaves
There's more to grape vines than the fruit. My Pantry Shelf shows you how to pick the right size leaves, and how to put them up so you can make dolmades for months to come. (Also, fresh grape leaves are great for keeping your fermented cukes crisp!)

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