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Seriously Last-Minute DIY Food Gifts

Wait, Christmas is when? Don't panic. If your canning pantry is paltry, there's still time to bang out a few DIY food gifts that will delight your giftee. Best of all, each of these can be done in mere hours, requiring ingredients that are readily available this time of year.

Tea Liqueur, found on
Tea Liqueur
Liqueurs can take days or even months to make, but a simple tea liqueur can be done in just a few hours. Try it with chai, genmai cha, Earl Grey, jasmine green or whatever tea is to your taste.
Pomegranate Molasses, found on
Pomegranate Molasses
This deeply sweet and sour syrup is often found in Middle Eastern cooking and can be used in dressings, glazes, sauces and drinks. It's also ridiculously easy to make. (Or, for the cocktailian in your life, whip up some grenadine.)
Shrubs, found on
Shrubs, or drinking vinegars, are a great way to capture the essence of fruit in a bright, refreshing beverage. They're excellent in cocktails, or as a soft drink with sparkling water.
Diy Garlic Powder, found on
Spice Mixes
Got the perfect dry rub, pickling spice, or curry mix? Package it up and give it as a hostess gift.
Seasoning Salts, found on
Seasoning Salts
A sprinkle of high-quality salt can elevate any dish from so-so to sublime, but when that salt is infused with flavor, it takes it to a higher level still. Here's a few of our favorite finishing salts that are quick and easy to make, and make great gifts.
Seasoning Salts, found on
Flavored Sugar
Infuse sugar with citrus zest, vanilla bean, rose petals or other flavors and give them as a gift to your favorite baker or mixologist.
Bacon Jam, found on
Bacon Jam
Sweet, savory, sumptuous and sometimes spicy, this porky condiment is a fantastic counterpart to burgers, eggs, or just slathered on toast. Here's a few variations.
Jerky, found on
Bust out the dehydrator and marinate up some strips of beef, venison or other meats for a DIY snack that's satisfying. You can even do it in the oven.
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