Review and Giveaway: "Tart and Sweet"

tartandsweet250 Having relatively recently come to the world of canning, I wish I had had a book like "Tart and Sweet" from the beginning. The internet is full of wildly varying information, and the Ball Blue Book  is great if not a bit clinically matter-of-fact, but it's nice to have a resource that both informs and inspires.

Authors Kelly Geary (Sweet Deliverance, NYC) and Jessie Knadler waste no time getting right to the basics: The first four chapters are devoted specifically to subjects like a Step by Step Water Bath Canning Guide and a Pickle Primer. Everything you need to know to get started is here, from tools to an acidity chart, an explanation of head space and much more. Plus, it’s explained in an easy, conversational tone and accompanied by some really beautiful pictures by photographer Ellen Silverman.

Around Chapter 5, things really take off with loads of recipes that encompass a wide range of tastes including fruit jams and spreads, condiments, pickled veggies, syrups and chutneys. The recipes are conveniently divided up by season so you can take advantage of the best of your local produce. Recipe difficulty is noted by can icons: One can indicates an easy recipe, while three cans represent the more difficult ones. Recipes range from basics such as raspberry jam and apple butter to more esoteric combinations like Soy Garlic Cherry Tomatoes or Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce. We were especially taken with the recipe for Wasabi Green Beans, reprinted here with permission from Rodale Books; photo by Ellen Silverman.


Wasabi Green Beans

4 cups brown rice vinegar
2 cups water
3 tablespoons kosher salt
4 pounds green beans, trimmed to fit into jars

Per jar
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger
1 teaspoon soy sauce
2 teaspoons wasabi powder

Bring the vinegar, water, and salt to a boil in a medium nonreactive pot. Stir to dissolve the salt. Place garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi powder in each hot jar. Pack the beans in tightly.

Pour boiling brine over the beans, leaving 1⁄2 inch headspace and making sure the beans are submerged. Check for air bubbles, wipe the rims, and seal. Process for 10 minutes, adjusting for elevation. Yield: 4 pints

One of the things that sets "Tart and Sweet" apart from many of the other canning books I’ve come across is that it includes additional recipes using your canned goods. For instance, the Canned Cherry recipe is accompanied by a recipe for some delicious sounding Cherry Lemon Muffins. There aren’t tons of these, but enough to break things up and keep it interesting.

Rounding out the book are two final chapters, one that gives some interesting uses for your canned goods as well as some fun combinations of recipes and ideas for packaging and labeling. The last chapter provides solutions for common canning problems and answers question pertaining to canning, pickling and fermentation.

If you’re thinking of launching into the world of canning, "Tart and Sweet" is a terrific, comprehensive book that will take you from the first steps to becoming a canning pro. For those who are old hands at the process, there are plenty of unique and interesting recipes here to keep you satisfied.

We've got one copy of "Tart and Sweet" to give to a lucky recipient. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post letting us know what your favorite pickle to make is. (Be sure to enter your email so I know how to contact you if you win.) For a bonus entry, click to tweet this post. Entries will be open through midnight PDT on July 17. Go on, you know you want it. 

Favorite pickle?

Pickled jalapenos, cauliflower and carrots! Our favorite mix.

ANY pickle other than the ones I made last year!

Last year's pickles tasted more like "salt cucumbers," so, today, I am headed out to the garden to harvest cucumbers to try it again. I'd love to find a good recipe for a new pickle, because those are my husband's favorite.

Garlic Dill Pickles

By far, my favorite.
Oh oh....or dill pickled eggs. Mmmmmm.....with a fresh, homegrown tomato sandwich. Bah....I'm hungry now.


Favorite to make? Agurkesalat (danish paper-thin sliced sweet/tart refrigerator pickles w/onions)served over liver pate on dense Danish rye. Heaven.

As a newbie to canning I have

As a newbie to canning I have yet to try making pickles but plan on doing it later this summer. Tart and Sweet looks like an amazing resource full of eye candy!

I LOVE watermelon pickles!!!

I LOVE watermelon pickles!!! The books look beautiful!

In a Pickle?

My favorite pickle to make? That's tough... I love all sorts of pickles. Ume vinegar pickle ramps, malt vinegar pickles, dilly beans, and pickled watermelon rind are all kitchen staples. Though if it came down to it I suppose Green Tomato Chow Chow is a favorite.

Tart watermelon pickles,

Tart watermelon pickles, which I'll be making next month!

Yay Pickles!

I love pretty much any type of pickle, but I never seem to make enough dill pickles to last through the year. I'll go with dill pickles for the win!

Tart and Sweet

My all time favorite pickle is the good old fashioned crunchy dill. This book looks fantastic!!!

Red onions.

Red onions.

Dill pickles

I love dill pickles, but am just getting started on making my own ferments, so we'll see if that changes at all :)

I love bread and butter

I love bread and butter pickles best.

Dilly beans are my favorite.

Dilly beans are my favorite. I've only been canning a short time but would love to have this book. New and unusual combinations of foods are so fun! (I'm bookmarking the wasabi green beans here, to make in a few weeks when the beans in the garden are ready for picking).

I'm a newb!

So my favorite is still just nice classic zesty dill cucumber pickles.

picked veggies

Pickled cauliflower!

My Favorite Pickles

In the summer I love to make Spicy Bread and Butter fridge Pickles!

pickled young ginger :)

pickled young ginger :)

Pickled Ginger

I saw that on your entry for the book. Can you please send me the recipe? I LOVE ginger! :)

I love pickled pigs

I love pickled pigs feet!....seriously, love them to death
....and Dill, a good ole dill pickle always hits the spot

I love

Dilly beans! :)

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Watermelon rind pickles are our families tried and true favorite!

my favorite pickled item is a

my favorite pickled item is a recipe handed down from 3 generations of cheerful polish ladies -- a bread and butter pickle thats unlike anything i've ever tasted OR canned. it is tart and sweet and beyond words. please let me win this book!

On beyond chutney

I love to make chutney, and I am wanting to branch out into pickled vegetables, but the preserving aspect has eluded me so far. I would love to have this book so that I can take advantage of the hopefully abundant crop of beans and radishes I will have this summer. Just in case, though, I am studying up on foogaths.

I haven't canned pickles yet

I haven't canned pickles yet so I don't have a favorite. I'm looking forward to doing it this year though!

pickling book?! yeeees.

My favorite pickle that I've done so far is a sweet & sour pickle, but using maple syrup instead of sugar. It added such a lovely depth to the favor.

Thanks for the contest!

Mrs Wheelbarrow's Pickled Asparagus

I just made this one a few weeks ago- added extra crushed chili peppers for my family! We've determined they are good as is, or added to a bloody mary or martini! Nice to be versetile!

Pickled red onions in lime juice

I love the recipe from Viva Vegan's Latin cookbook for these. Fast and tasty on everything!

book giveaway

I have never made pickles, but I love to eat them!! I would love this book to learn how :)

New to canning

I've just started canning this year and haven't had a chance to do pickles yet. Can't wait to try the wasabi green beans. Yum!

I have never tried to make

I have never tried to make pickles... but I love to eat them!! I would love this book to learn how to make them :)

Pickled Okra, Pickled Green tomatoes, and Garlic.

Delicious. Pickled Okra, Pickled Green Tomatoes, and Garlic.

Sweet & Hot Pickled Peppers

Oh yes I CAN!


I haven't made pickles in years. But, when I did I liked dill and also sweet relish. I have a garden again this yr. after several yrs. in an apt. where we couldn't have one.So I'm looking forward to canning and freezing my own veggies again.


Pickled daikon and carrots are delightful:)



Pickle Love

I tweeted!/nwhomesteader/status/92743227471433730

I have only done jams so far.

I have only done jams so far. Me and the husband were looking to do do pickles this year!

I'm from the South, where we

I'm from the South, where we pickled everythilng but my favorite pickle would be bread and butter, folowed closely by picallili.

New to pickles

Havent tried many pickles, and never made them, but would love to learn!!!

dilly beans are my favorite

dilly beans are my favorite pickle, with pickled beets a close second. still looking for the perfect dill pickle recipe with a little bit of heat.

pickled fruit!

i love all manner of pickled fruit and i don't care who knows it! I especially love pickled blueberries and peaches.

Refrigerator Dill

Just made a batch of refrigerator Dill pickles and am LOVING them...can't believe how easy it was!!!

bread and butter

I made bread and butter pickles with Elise's recipe at Simply Recipes last week and it is my new favorite pickle to make. The making of said pickles happen to coincide with the making of many italian sausages by my husband and I ate an italian sausage on a hot dog bun slathered with a little mayo and bread and butter pickles every day until the sausages were no more!

tart & sweet

I have never canned anything - but would love to have a book to start - love dill pickles but would love to try dilly beans, chutneys, preserves, etc...

I haven't pickled much, but

I haven't pickled much, but my favorite pickle memory is watermelon rind pickles my great grandmother made. I did pickle some foraged milk weed buds this summer, and that has me interested in doing more!

Pickled watermelon rinds! My

Pickled watermelon rinds! My grandmas recipe :)

Bread and Butter Pickles!

Bread and Butter Pickles! Looks like such a cool book!

Honey Dill Pickled Baby Carrots

Those were my very first pickles, and still my favorites... closely followed by pickled asparagus and pickled cauliflower. And the spicier, the better!

My favorite pickle

My favorite, which I have never made, is "Sandwich Pickle" which is an English chutney style pickle of chopped vegetables (onion, carrots,cauliflower, turnips mostly) in a dark, sweet and sour kind of thick sauce. I'm sure it can be home made and I'm working up to it with various chutneys. It's my favorite and great on cheese. Or meat. But my favorite is on Cheese.

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