Put 'Em Up! Fruit: Review and Giveaway

Put 'Em Up Fruit

Disclosures: There are Amazon affiliate links from which I may make a commission. The giveaway prize is provided courtesy of Storey Publishing, who also provided me a review copy.

Hey, you already have a copy of Sherri Brooks Vinton's seminal work Put 'em Up!, right? Of course you do. It has become one of the most-cited books among members of the Punk Domestics community, a truly invaluable resource for home preservers everywhere. 

Well, I've got news for you. She's baaaaack. And better than ever. 

Put 'Em Up! happily traipsed through a wide array of home food preservation projects, from pickles to relishes to fruit chips. In Put 'em Up! Fruit, Vinton digs deeper specifically on fruit, offering an amazing and inspiring array of treatments for all manner of fruits. 

This is not just another book of preserves recipes, though there's no shortage of things to put in jars. Each fruit gets remixed into a variety of treatments: Chutneys, curds, gastriques, ketchups, salsas, leathers, liqueurs and more. And, as with the first book, she goes further to include recipes on how to use these marvelous creations, so your pantry full of home-preserved goods doesn't just turn into a jar graveyard. Click here to check out the video trailer, and to see Sherri in action, making blackberry gastrique, and then use it with pan-roasted chicken. Yum!

I fell in love with this book on first sight, when I happened to flip directly to the section on lemons and saw two recipes that opened my mind completely. In one, Vinton describes a technique for making limoncello that involves suspending whole lemons in cheesecloth in a large, sealed container over a small amount of high-octane alcohol. As the alcohol evaporates and condenses on the lemons, it pulls out the aromatic oils from the zest, pulling it into the infusion as it drips back to the bottom. I've made a lot of limoncello, but never like this. 

In another, she salt-cures boiled lemons until they are completely dark and desiccated, a technique commonly used on limes in Middle Eastern cooking. This is the kind of DIY project that gets me really, really excited, and I can hardly wait to give it a try. 

Because I'm nice like that, I'm going to give this book to you. Yes, you! Well, one of you. Why would I do such a beneficent thing? It's not just because I've met Sherri, and she's a marvelous, sweet person -- though that would be reason enough. 

It's not because she asked me to blurb her book, though I was obviously deeply flattered and honored to be asked. 

Put 'em Up Fruit

It's not because she also sent me three jars of her own hand-made preserves to thank me for blurbing her book, though, hey, not complaining!

Put 'Em Up Fruit

No, it's because, very simply, you need this book. So here's what we're gonna do. 

You're going to scroll down and leave a comment, describing one of two things: Either a story about learning a new technique that changed the way you cook or preserve; or an example of one way you used home-preserved food that was innovative or clever. Don't be intimidated; I know you're a smart cookie. 

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Congrats to commenter Robin on winning the book!

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What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

water bath processing! we

water bath processing! we never process our jams after making them when I was a kid so I thought it would be a pain but when I made jam for wedding favors I thought I should make them up to current safety standards. it was so easy and now I have so many options for preserving available to me.


I tweeted!

Meyer Lemon Marmalade

I make a Meyer Lemon Marmalade that is really delicious tucked inside mini Nutella brownies.

I became a stay at home mom

I became a stay at home mom this past January. I needed a hobby so I started learning to cook from scratch. Googling recipes led me to realize how much junk is in most of the "food" (chicken rice a roni for instance) I had been cooking and how simple and easy it is to make my own. It isn't exactly a new technique but learning to cook from scratch has been really eye opening for me.

Love to Can

I learned to make jams and fruit leathers in 4-H from Mrs. Rodriques more than a few years ago. Been at it ever since.

Champagned Jams

I started to use a teaspoon or two of jam in champagne or wine.

I'm new to canning, so all my

I'm new to canning, so all my canning tools have definitely changed the way I cook this year! I also just bought a food mill, and can't wait to try it out.

I don't have a lot of canning

I don't have a lot of canning experience, so I don't know that I've done anything truly innovative. I do like to use leftover preserves to put in greek yogurt as a healthy snack.

pickled eggplant and peppers

Last year I was trying to find ways to use all of the eggplant I was getting in my CSA share, and in addition to baba ganoush, which freezes well, I water-bath canned pickled eggplants, peppers, garlic, and parsley in a mixture of balsalmic and red wine vinegars with red pepper flakes. It's nice with goat cheese on crackers, or mixed with poached, shredded chicken and served atop greens.

BBQ Sauce

I love throwing a jar of jam, some vinegar, spices and maybe a bit of ketchup or tomato sauce in a pan to simmer for an easy, last minute bbq sauce to throw on meats and veggies of all sorts.

Using my crockpot to prepare

Using my crockpot to prepare fruit mixtures to be canned- as a new canner but old crockpot user, I love being able to use both!


Learning how to make and use plumped vanilla beans was a revelation. No more 'sticky booger' syndrome trying to get the scraped seeds off of my knife! Genius.

Making fruit butters in the

Making fruit butters in the slow cooker was a revelation to me. Since learning the technique, my slow cooker is bubbling away most fall days, filled with apple or pear butter simmering. It makes the house smell incredible, and really cuts down on the hands-on time needed to make such intense preserves.

BBQ sauce

I like to make liqueurs, and I just got around to straining a batch of plum a few days ago. Usually, I put all the boozy plums in the freezer, but decided to clean out the freezer too. I put the boozy plums in a big pot, added the other boozy plums and cherries from the freezer, cooked them down and pureed with some chipotle peppers and balsamic vinegar into some boozy Plum-B-Q Sauce.

Life changing

Inspired by Marisa at Food in Jars, I randomly made some pretty kick butt grape and plum jam and had a moment of "holy crap, it worked!" I've been preserving ever since, though a lot more safely now (I didn't add a drop of acid to that first experiment, but we kept it refrigerated and ate it all within 24 hours).

applesauce in cake

My neighbors give me loads of apples, and are, apparently, insulted if I don't take them..consequently, jars and jars of applesauce. I have discovered a whole slew of recipes for cakes and muffins that use applesauce as the sole sweetener and sometime it subs for the oil also. These goodies turn out very moist, and are mostly healthier.



shared it on FB too, if that counts!

new technique

one new technique that I just discovered is, well Gardening! I got tired of running to the store or farmers market every other day. So I decided I would expand my home garden and try to provide as much as possible myself. It has changed the way I view our kitchen, our food, everything. I tell everyone about it now!

twitter!!!! JDanger


JDanger ‏@JDanger 38s
Get it girl! Review and giveaway: Put 'Em Up! Fruit by Sherri Brooks Vinton on @punkdomestics http://ow.ly/jUczu

I add strawberry preserves to

I add strawberry preserves to yogurt.

Not very original, but I add

Not very original, but I add preserves to yogurt for either a dessert or salad dressing.

I use the cherry jams and

I use the cherry jams and orange marmalades that I make as glazes for hams. Delicious!


I'll do you one better, I'll tell you about both. I'm a sharer like that.

My favorite way to use fruit preserves is on meat. Glaze a ham, spread a dollop on a pork chop, stuff a chicken breast and top with cheese before grilling. It's all good.

And the thing that changed my preserving for the better? Nixing pectin. I'm loathe to admit how long I was dependent on the store-bought stuff for making jams, especially. I finally ran out one day when I just so happened to have a case of blueberries to put by and the difference was tremendous. I haven't looked back.

jammy oatmeal ginger bars

Imagine oatmeal cookies, in bar form. With crushed ginger snaps. A dash of cardamom. And a spiced plum-peach sauce from my friend meg. Oh yes.

Also, I was waaaay late to the whole thwacking garlic with a knife to separate the peel thing.

Pomelo Rinds

Traditionally as a kid we didn't through anything away. Pomelo rinds were made into soy/sugar marinated preservative used to flavor steamed pork. I never liked that dish...too much salt and too much sugar. So I decided to make it into chutney. What a success! So yummy and I got to control the amount of sugar.

I had been intrigued by

I had been intrigued by canning for years, but I never had the courage to do it until I watched my mother-in-law canning tomatoes one afternoon. It was like alchemy, turning garden produce into the future, and I thought, "I could do that!" It had honestly never occurred to me that I could until then. I thought you had to go to some special home-canning camp or you would be doomed to kill your family with botulism, or something. This summer I put up 36 quarts of tomatoes and 48 quarts of pasta sauce. Awesome!

Oh, and prosaic as it is, cherry-balsamic vinaigrette using cherry jam is divine!

I love to use preserves in

I love to use preserves in salad dressings.

Finding uses for less than perfect preserves

On my first attempt at making Meyer lemon marmalade, I somehow missed the part about adding water and the result was a very thick lemon goop. The flavor was good however, so rather than throwing it out, I took a 1/4 and chopped up the lemon bits so they were smaller and added to a cream scone recipe. The scones were delicious!

Kimchi & Marmalade Pizza

I've been making a ton of kimchi for the last year, and experimented a bit with marmalade this winter. When a neighbor threw a pizza party and asked guests to bring toppings, my partner and I knew what to do! We grabbed a jar of kimchi, which we used for sauce, threw on a light layer of cheddar, and topped it all off with little dots of cranberry meyer lemon marmalade. It was a hit!

I use a lot of applesauce to

I use a lot of applesauce to make baked goods more cakey and moist

Crock Pots

Not super creative, but using a crock pot several times a week is a lifesaver when you work full time and have a long commute! :)

I'm not sure I really have

I'm not sure I really have any clever ideas ... I just use my jam on sweeten up my yogurt.

Apple Butter

For years I have been roasting my apple sauce and apple butter before canning, but it gives it this absolutely rich, almost smoked, flavor. This past summer I tried roasting peaches in a dutch oven to make peach butter for the first, and boy was it WONDERFUL! I ate almost half the batch before it ever getting into the jars!

After buying a Vitamix, I

After buying a Vitamix, I started making whole fruit sherbet for dessert at least twice a week. No more store bought ice cream for me! And I'm sure this contributed to about 10 pounds of weight loss!

Still Learning

I'm still learning about canning, and one tip I picked up this year was to use vinegar in my water bath since I have hard water. It keeps my jars from getting gross!

Perhaps a stretch to call

Perhaps a stretch to call this clever, but I always use a spoonful of whatever jar of homemade jam is in the fridge to add a bit of sweetness to vinaigrettes. Fig jam is especially yummy with balsamic vinegar!

caramelly applesauce

We figured out a great technique for making applesauce this year: used our handy apple peeler-corer-slicer to peel-core-slice the apples and then plopped them in the slow cooker with just a splash of water. Cooked on high for an hour or two, then lifted the lid for a stir, then on low until dark and caramelly, sometimes with the lid cracked at the end if it looked too soupy. Just beautiful, with a deep, rich flavor and no added sugar.

Slow cooker fruit butter

I recently made fruit butter in the slow cooker and froze it to preserve it. I want to use some of it to make granola.

I used homemade jam mixed

I used homemade jam mixed with coconut oil as a hard ice cream shell.

Each new skill makes me want

Each new skill makes me want to learn more. Just when you think you know about home canning, you find a beautiful new book full of new ideas! This last year the skill that changed me was learning cheese making!


I like to add a bit few

I like to add a bit few anchovy filets to my giant pot of tomato sauce that I cook down and freeze. Everyone says it is the best. It does not taste fishy. Yum!


We have always canned and pickled but curing our own bacon was a turning point. It opened the door to salumi which in turn led to trying fermentation. Both of which made our world of preserving much larger.

Citrus Preserves

I've made marmalade the traditional way quite a few times, but this last season I learned a method on the Hitchhiking to Heaven blog (I think) in which you simmer whole citrus, then whiz it in the food processor, then simmer it with sugar... I love the pureed texture and the quicker process!

Put em up

Im in love with fermenting! Ive done the 24no knead bread, about to taste my fermented ketchup, and need to do another 7 day sourdough starter ;)

Aigre-doux (sweet-sour)

is a favorite method of preserving for me and it's so easy. It's a French method in which you put your produce (fruit or vegetable) in warm jars, pour a seasoned sweet-and-sour preparation over it, put the lids and rings on, and place on a cookie sheet in a 215-degree over for about an hour, until the jars are sealed. I especially love blueberry aigre-doux. The fruit is wonderful in a salad and the liquid is excellent in salad dressing.


this past year I have been buying beans and cooking them, then putting them in the freezer. I always have a few kinds in there....now I make my own refried beans, hummus, etc.


Congratulations, Robin! You are the winner.

I like to use fruit spreads

I like to use fruit spreads in my greek yogurt in the morning. Yummy!

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