Punk Up Your Preserves and Pickles

PunkDomesticsLabelWell the kids at Well Preserved have announced the winners of this year's Pimp That Preserve contest, and we see some familiar faces in there. Congrats to all!  

In case you didn't manage to get an entry of your own in, or just generally are looking to punk up your jars a skosh, we've got some bitchintastic ready-to-print labels right here, perfectly formatted for Avery 5294 round labels. Slap these puppies on, and give your jars a dose of attitude. Your recipients will know right away that these preserves and pickles are positively rockin'. 

Awesome! Thanks! P.S. Your

Awesome! Thanks!
P.S. Your captcha at the end of the comments is really hard. I have had to do it about 8 or so times to get my comment through. You may want to use something else to prevent spam, because this could be preventing many people from completing their comment forms.

Thanks, Hethir! So glad you

Thanks, Hethir! So glad you like them. We'll look in to the captcha issue. Thanks for the heads up!

I just changed the font and

I just changed the font and removed some of the more esoteric characters. It should be easier now. The spam was getting pretty insane for a while, but has tapered off lately.

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