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Preserving Mushrooms

Winter rains have come to the West Coast, bringing wild mushrooms aplenty. Even if you don't have access to wild, mushrooms are delicious year 'round, and are ripe for putting up.

Foraging mushrooms, found on Punk Domestics
Foraging Mushrooms
Finding wild mushrooms can be fun and delicious. Just be very sure you have an experienced forager with you, since some varieties are downright deadly. (Image via Eat Simply, Eat Well)
Pickled Mushrooms, found on Punk Domestics
Pickled Mushrooms
Mushrooms are naturally porous, making them excellent candidates for pickling. Whether you're fermenting or vinegar-brining, they act like sponges and soak up all the good stuff. (Image via Hank Shaw)
Funghi sott'olio
Funghi Sott'olio
Mushrooms preserved in oil (known as sott'olio) are a classic Italian delicacy. The technique lends them a richer flavor. (Image via Preserving Italy by Domenica Marchetti)

Dried Mushrooms
Dried Mushrooms
Many mushrooms dry extremely well, especially porcini and shiitake, which actually get more fragrant from dehydration. (Image via Well Preserved)
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