New: Badges!

Show your punk pride! Place one of these badges in your site's sidebar to showcase your gallery of domestic prowess. Just change [username] in the code snippets to your username ; to find your username, mouse over the greeting in the upper right corner when you are logged in. For example, My name on the site is Punk Domestics, but my system username is punk-domestics, so the URL I would point to is Where the code calls for [Your name], feel free to use a more intuitive name




<div align="center"><a href=" [username] " title=" [Your name] 's gallery on Punk Domestics"> <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt=" [Your name] 's gallery on Punk Domestics"></a></div>




<div align="center"><a href=" [username] " title=" [Your name] 's gallery on Punk Domestics"> <img src="" width="150" height="150" alt=" [Your name] 's gallery on Punk Domestics"></a></div>

Page not found


I'm trying to put the badge on my blog but it keeps linking to Page Not Found. This is what I'm using.

 Annier81's gallery on Punk Domestics

Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Hi Annie

Just take the dash out of your username:


Does the Punk Domestics Badge work with Wordpress Super Cache?

Hi - I have installed the Punk Domestics Badge on my sidebar and I can see it fine when I am logged in to my site. However, it is not showing up when I log out. I am wondering if this has something to do with using Wordpress Super Cache plugin... any ideas?


Hi Mary; I'm not sure there

Hi Mary;

I'm not sure there is a problem -- I can see the badge fine on your site, and I am not logged in to WordPress. Perhaps try bypassing the cache by holding the shift key when you reload?

So, I can get the image up,

So, I can get the image up, but can't get it to link to anything. Every time I use the code provided, it doesn't do anything.

Excellent badge!

One of the easiest badges I've ever been able to put on my site - thanks for the clear instructions! Glad to be a part of Punk Domestics.

So pleased! Thanks for

So pleased! Thanks for badging.

the same problem...

Hi! I've tried to implement all everything in the comments, but I'm still going to "page not found". This is the code I'm using:
 Alana's gallery on Punk Domestics
(I had to change the size- could that be causing the issue?)


Thanks for making this so easy!

got my badge up and running! Thanks for making this so easy for non-techies like me. It didn't work at first, and I figured out where I was going wrong by reading the comments. Thanks so much!!!

Badge Not Working


The badge shows up on my site, but then goes to Page not found, when I click on it. Can you you help.



There's a stray space in your

There's a stray space in your URL. Please note the correct URL for your profile:


I can't get my badge to work-- any thoughts? It's redirecting to "page not found".


Malformed URL

Hi Sara,

Somehow you've duplicated part of the URL in the code. Right now you are pointing to -- please note the correct destination is  Hope this helps. Thanks!

Worked like a charm-- thanks

Worked like a charm-- thanks so much!

badge goes to 'page not found'

Hm, I copy and pasted into a text widget (wordpress), it show up, and looks great! But directs to 'page not found'

I looked at your badge, and

I looked at your badge, and although you correctly put your user name in, there appears to be a space inserted between the last / and your username. Please note the correct link:

Thank You!

It took a couple of tries, I'm new to this, but it works. Proud to have that badge!


I'm proud to be featured on your site! And I needed to update my blog's look anyway. :)

A simple but necessary clarification

For anyone having problems with editing the html code and having it work properly....

PLEASE remember to remove the parentheses from around your "username' and "Your name" fields after inserting your information. It is a detail that is easy to miss but is absolutely necessary for success.

Thanks, Tabitha

I bolded and colored those points in the opening instructions, and bolded and colored the things to change in the code. At some point when my PHP skills improve, I'll make the code sensitive to the user state so it will automatically populate the right information if you're logged in.

posted badge

my brain is soo much easier pass the bourbon

just installed my badge!

With pride!

Cant get a badge!

I am not computer literate at all! I can not figure out how to get the badge on my blog. Can you help? Please?

badge failure :-(

Hi there, I thought my badge had worked, it's showing up on my blog but when you click on it, it goes to "page not found". Any hints on what I'm doing wrong?

Here's the correct URL

Please note the correct link: Cheers!

The badge worked!

Thanks so much! I was able to figure out the badge. I feel verrrrrry technically competent now!

Thanks for the badge!

Successful installation! Feel like a tech girl now.

Love 'em!

What fun, I've successfully added one to my site. Thank you!


So glad you like it!

awesome! Thanks :-)

awesome! Thanks :-)

It worked! I feel so techy.

It worked! I feel so techy.

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