Happy Homesteading Holidays

Even the most hardcore DIYer needs a little assist now and then. There are tools that make our work feasible, or at least easier. Or maybe you know someone who's just getting in to the game, and you want to give them a starter kit. No matter what your reasons, this is an excellent season to stock up on the goods that we'll reach for again and again when summer's bounty bursts upon us. Best of all, our pals at FARMcurious are offering a discount to all Punk Domestics readers!

Best DIY Food Books of 2013
Best DIY Food Books of 2014
Lest you think the DIY food movement has peaked, all you need to do is look at the breadth and calibre of the books that hit the market this year. Here are the 17 books I think are exemplary titles.
Handmade Clay Seed Starter
Canners' Best Friends
It's never too late to start canning, and the holidays are the perfect time to share your love of preserving with friends. We've put together a list with some of our favorite canning accoutrements to add to your holiday shopping list.
Gift Guide: DIY Tools
DIY Tools
For the more hardcore DIY enthusiast in your life, here's a selection of tools that are sure to make them squeal with glee when they see them under the tree.
Apparel and Mercantile
Apparel and Mercantile
From tees to tea towels to cheeky skivvies, here's a short list of our favorite soft goods for giving this season. Roll 'em up and stuff 'em in stockings!
Get 5% Off Great Gifts at FARMcurious
Get 10% Off Great Gifts at FARMcurious
Stock up on holiday gifts for homesteaders and DIY enthusiasts, and get 10% off at checkout when you enter the code punkdom. Go! Shop!

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