Giveaway: Win Three ReCAP Fermenting Sets

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Farm to Fermentation Festival at Tara Firma Farm in lovely Petaluma, CA. After perusing the booths of kraut, kimchi, kvass and other probiotic comestibles, I met up with Austin of Fermenters Club for a quick chat. And then, blushing like a fanboy, I MET SANDOR KATZ. *faints* *picks self up off floor*

Seeing all that fermentation in action got me excited about the topic. I know many of you out there are avid fermenters, and with the recent release of Katz's newest book, The Art of Fermentation, I think interest in fermented foods is at a new high. 

Personally, I prefer to do these things in small batches. I just don't have the space to produce enormous amounts of sauerkraut, and couldn't consume it all even if I did. That's why I'm excited for this nifty little product combo that allows you to do small-batch fermentation in mason jars. It combines the reCAP Mason Jar Pour Cap, a clever invention in itself, with a stopper and airlock. Then you just pack your kraut, kimchi or what have you into a sterilized jar, screw on the cap, and let the magic happen. Erica Strauss of NW Edible wrote a post on how to do it, and how it will save you beaucoup bucks.

FARMcurious has plenty of other tools and doodads for the DIY enthusiast, like this charming, hand-thrown fermenting crock.

Here's the best part: Nicole wants you -- YOU -- to have three reCAP fermentation sets of your very own. Here's what you need to do: 

  • Create a Pinterest board; call it what you like. 
  • Pin at least three things from the FARMcurious product line that you love/covet/lust for, like I did here. Tag them with #PDcurious if you please.
  • Post a link to your board as a comment on this blog post. (Pro tip: For greatest ease of leaving comments, be a logged in member of the site by clicking "Join/Log In" in the upper right so you don't have to wrestle with the CAPTCHA code.)
  • Do all this by midnight PT on Friday, September 21.

But wait, there's more ways to win: Just click here to tweet about this post or pin this post for a chance at winning this great bunch of goodies.

Easy, right? One lucky pinner/tweeter will win this marvelous set of fermenting lids. So what are you waiting for? Get pinning! 

Hot dog, we have a wiener! Congratulations to Amanda Brogan on winning the fermentation sets. Here's her winning pinboard.


Hey, thanks for the contest. I really like both sites.


What at great site! Lots of cool stuff.

tweeted and pinned!


I tweeted it. Those lids are a great idea.


I want to win!! I already LOOVE my recaps, those fermenting caps must be amazing! (And how cute are the fermenting and compost crocks?)

Recap Fermenting


Pick me, Pick me!



I bought a fermenting crock from a local potter, but I would love to have the lids to try some wine and cider vinegars.

My board is 'putting up'

My board is 'putting up' Hoping that I did this correctly.


so many great items I NEED :)

Even if I don't win...buying some of these for myself and gifts!

Even if I don't win the fermenting sets...I'm buying some of these for myself and for gifts!


Woo Hoo!

Yay for fermentation :D

Here is my pinterest board. Thanks for the opportunity, I would love to get my hands on those!

I love smart people

And these products are created by smart people!

Fingers crossed

All look like a nice blend of utility and aesthetics.

YAY! Great Giveaway! Fermentation ROCKS!

I love fermented foods! Would love to win this fermenting set! YAY!!!

Been drooling over these for

Been drooling over these for a while would love to win! Pinned and tweeted

Giveaway for fermenting

I want it all there is no underestimating tools when doing the hard work of trying to preserve the bounty of nature woohoo

Save me from kimchi frustration!

This is exactly what I needed last year! And next year, and the year after that...

Yay! Thank you!

yay for awesome giveaways!!!

what a great idea ... here is my pinterest board. we saw these re-caps at a music festival and have them on our shopping wish list.

Pinned and tweeted!

I REALLY love the hand-thrown

I REALLY love the hand-thrown crock and compost buckets.

fermenting tools

I found several tools I was looking for on that site. Thanks so much and here's my pinterest

Fermenting Lids!

What are the possibilities for soda!

reCAP Fermenter Set

I love experimenting with

I love experimenting with fermentation. SO jealous you met Sandor.


I don't pinterest, but I facebook! Can I like it there and get entered?

Unfortunately there's no way

Unfortunately there's no way for me to track likes on Facebook. Sorry!

Recap Fermenting Sets

ReCAP Fermenter Set


I had no idea products like

I had no idea products like this would allow someone like me (small condo/tiny kitchen) to ferment! I pinned a couple of cool things here:

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