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Hey, you like to ferment, right? Sure, we all do. I don't know about you, but sometimes I struggle with certain unwelcome visitors in my ferments, though: Molds, yeast, or detritus. (We are, after all, a dog household.) Crocks with moat lids are great at keeping all that out, but they invariably are really huge, and even I can't eat that much kraut. 

My pal Nicole at FARMcurious has the perfect solution: Easy-to-use fermentation kits that screw right onto standard wide-mouth jars. I know you have one or two of those hanging around. 

I've used these kits, and they work fabulously. But don't take my word for it. Go -- right now! -- to the Kickstarter campaign for these kits, read all about it, and watch Nicole's video clearly explaining the benefits. If you feel compelled to contribute to the campaign, great! One of the perks is a bonus booklet with handy recipes for your fermentation sets, provided by some of your favorite fermentalists, like Erica Strauss of NW Edible Life, Kate Payne of Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking and ... me! 

Awesome, right? Right. So what are you waiting for? Go!

Plum wine from fresh Ume and

Plum wine from fresh Ume and Souchu. And then white kimchi!

Salsa! Salsa! Salsa!

I would love to ferment salsa and hot sauce!

I would make



For the hubby :)

Carrots and cabbage.

Carrots and cabbage.

I would try my hand at some

I would try my hand at some kvass.

Fermenting with Re-cap!

This is a wonderful contest and I would love to win some re-caps. I want to ferment sauerkraut and Kim Chi.

Beet kraut looks realky

Beet kraut looks realky delicious

A good sauerkrat

A good sauerkrat


I would try it with my kraut first.

'Kraut! Then lemons, beets,

'Kraut! Then lemons, beets, chutney.....

fruit vinegars! and a little

fruit vinegars! and a little kraut, to start.


I funded the project! Now ferment me some lovin!


Hm-m-m, I think I would try sauerkraut (without Caraway---YUCK)

I would try pickles and kraut

I would try pickles and kraut if I had this.

What would you ferment

I would do cucumbers for sure and then everything yummy

I would ferment cucumbers and

I would ferment cucumbers and lemons...but not together of course! Mmmmmmm.

Carrots! They've always

Carrots! They've always looked so good fermented :)


There are soooo many things I want to make. That will be a tough choice.


I'd make cucumber pickles, because that what I like!

I would ferment fennel!

I would ferment fennel! People have been talking about it, and it's my favorite vegetable unfermented. Time to see what it can do.

Let's fermenting!

If I won this I would ferment so many things! Daikon, kimchee ...daikon kimchee... cucumbers, cabbage, peppers... so many different flavor combinations, the possibilities are


Thanks for the giveaway, my fingers are crossed super tight!

Sauerkraut! And I'd like to

Sauerkraut! And I'd like to try and do pickled herring. It's something only my Grandpa and I enjoy. I'd love to be able to make him some.


Will be making more Fire Cider this weekend, brewing kombucha tonight, and stopping to purchase cabbage for kraut!



Fermenting dream...

I would love to try and ferment carrots, onions, cucumbers, and beets too!!
Thanks for the giveaway, it's FAB!!

dill asparagus pickles are a

dill asparagus pickles are a huge favorite in my house

Kraut, carrots, pickles...

Kraut, carrots, pickles...

Fermentation Blog Post

What would I ferment?
What wouldn't I ferment!

Kimchee! And maybe kombucha

Kimchee! And maybe kombucha when I get a litttttle more courage :)

I already make sauerkraut

I already make sauerkraut once a year but this would be great for weekly!



I've only done kraut and

I've only done kraut and curtido with the open method...I'd venture on to kimchi!

all the things!

Anything that stops moving long enough! Right now I have kombucha, water kefir, cucumber pickles, broccoli stem pickles, and mak kimchi.


...beets, carrots, green beans...and anything else I can think of!

I'd start with cabbage and

I'd start with cabbage and then move onto carrots, onions, radishes and chiles!

Vinegar and...

We make fruit vinegars and kimchi and sauerkraut. This looks like a great tool!


This looks like the perfect gateway kit for me to try fermenting without the commitment of ten pounds of kraut.

jalapeno peppers and carrots

jalapeno peppers and carrots

What Would I ferment?

This all looks so great I hardly know where to start!

What wouldn't I ferment?!

What wouldn't I ferment?! Nettles and radishes first since that's what's growing here now.

I would start with kraut,

I would start with kraut, then some kimchee, and maybe even some hot sauce!


I would really love to have one of these. The first thing I would ferment with it would be some of the world's hottest peppers "The Carolina Reaper" from our garden and make a killer hot sauce

Pickles! Sauerkraut!

Pickles! Sauerkraut!

I'd love to ferment

I'd love to ferment sauerkraut and pickles.


I've had varied success with fermenting and this set looks like it would help bigtime!! This would be just in time for farmers market and CSA season!

I just signed up for the

I just signed up for the kickstarter but I would love to win a set as well! I gave up trying to lacto ferment because I would mess it up or had to make way too much. This looks so much better!

I usually have a bumper crop

I usually have a bumper crop of my heirloom Rattlesnake Snap Beans - that would be fun to experiment with fermenting!

Where do I begin?

I would love to try fermented salsa! Pickles, hot peppers, and sauerkraut would also be at the top of my list!


I'd like to try fermenting some radishes... they grow so quickly in my garden, would like to find another way to use them!

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