Gift Guide: Cool Jar Accessories

Jars are good for more than just canning. Here's a few accessories that turn jars into fermentation crocks, drinking vessels and handy kitchen tools.
3-Piece Fermenting Set with ReCAP: Wide Mouth
3-Piece Fermenting Set with ReCAP
This clever combo of ReCAP lids with a stopper and airlock turns your mason jars into quick and easy fermentation crocks, keeping the bad buggies out while letting the good buggies go to work inside. We did a giveaway of the small-mouth lid version a while back, and now the wide-mouth ReCAP lids are available, too. Via farmCURIOUS.

- Wide-mouth fermenting set
- Regular-mouth fermenting set 
Royal VKB Jar Tops
Royal VKB Jar Tops
Why buy special pieces to pour or shake condiments when you can use jars you already have? These reusable screw-on lids fit standard-sized jar mouths, whether they're canning jars in between uses, or those now-empty jars of mustards, jams or other goodies you picked up on the road. Set includes a cocoa shaker cap, sugar shaker cap, long-handled cap, creamer cap, and oil and vinegar cap
Drink it Up Cup
Drink it Up Cup
Handmade by none other than Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of Put 'em Up!, this converted two-piece lid turns your mason jar into the coolest sippy cup ever. We particularly love the articulated metal straw; the plastic gasket keeps it from scraping.
Got a Starbucks habit, but don't like the cup and lid waste? These Cuppow lids screw on as part of standard two-part lids and turn your mason jar into the perfect vessel for your morning latte. Especially handy with handled mason jars, so you don't also have to find a suitable sheath to prevent burning your hands.

- Wide-mouth Cuppow
- Regular-mouth Cuppow 

The Royal VKB tops are the

The Royal VKB tops are the first accessories I've seen that I might actually "need."

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