Four Things to Do with Eggplant (That Even Eggplant Haters Will Love)

As a cooked vegetable, the texture of eggplant can be a hard sell for some. But with a little manipulation, it can be truly delicious, and even be put by for later enjoyment. Yes, you read that right: You will enjoy these four ways to prepare eggplant. 

Pickled Eggplant
Pickled Eggplant
Vinegar firms the texture of eggplant, making for a surprisingly delicious pickle -- especially when heightened by the refreshing kiss of mint. (Photo by Food in Jars)
Dried Eggplant
Dried Eggplant
Think of it as eggplant jerky. A salty-sweet umami-rich glaze turns strips of eggplant into something almost approximating bacon. Almost. (Photo by Local Kitchen)

Baba Ganoush
Baba Ganoush
Roasted until smoky and pureed, eggplant make this classic Middle Eastern dip, delicious with fresh, steaming hot pita bread.  (Image via The Hungry Belgian)

The savory flavor of eggplant and sweet red peppers are the backbone for this dip from the Balkans that's sure to please even the biggest eggplant hater.  (Image via annier81)

Being in love with something

Being in love with something perfect, very nice article, thank you.

I absolutely love this! I am

I absolutely love this! I am always looking for new eggplant ideas, it's one of my favorite veggies. Thank you for posting this!

The pleasure is absolutely

The pleasure is absolutely ours!

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