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Get Figgy With It

Figs are summer's last hurrah, and the harbinger of fall. These honey-sweet fruits are both delicious and versatile, eaten out of hand or packed in a jar.

Fig Jam, found on
Fig Jam
Figs' honeyed sweetness are a natural for jams, straight up or enhanced with balsamic, lavender, fennel or even smoky chipotle.
Fig Preserves, found on
Fig Preserves
If you like to retain the texture of figs, put up a chunky preserves instead.
Pollystyle Fig Paste, found on
Pollystyle Fig Paste
Made the right way, fig paste has a more complex flavor than fig jam. This is great as a breakfast spread or eaten with Spanish cheeses such as Manchego.
Fig Chutney, found on
Fig Chutney
Homemade chutneys are a terrific way to amp up either a snack or a meal without adding too many extra calories or salt. Making chutney is easier than most jam recipes, and are a nice alternative to a bottle of wine for your host/hostess gift.

Pickled Figs, found on
Pickled Figs
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Pickling complements the sweetness of figs with the sharpness of vinegar and spices, a great complement to meats and cheeses.
Fig Vinegars, found on
Fig Vinegars
Two refreshing ways to put up some nummy fig vinegars! Turkish, kadota, black choose the variety and which recipe to use!
Fig-Tamarind Ketchup, found on
Fig-Tamarind Ketchup
LA's chef Sang Yoon does not serve tomato ketchup in his restaurant, but he does make fruit ketchups. His fig-tamarind ketchip is spectacular with a platter of salty cured meats.
Fig and Port Grainy Mustard, found on
Fig and Port Grainy Mustard
Sweet figs and piquant grainy mustard are a surprising match made in condiment heaven.


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