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Many Ways to Preserve Cranberries

No other fruit embodies the flavor of fall like cranberries. With their bracing acidity, they form the backbone of all manner of preserved foods, and have applications well beyond the Thanksgiving table. Here's a bunch of ways to use these lovely ruby orbs.

Cranberry Sauce, found on
Cranberry Sauce
The homemade stuff is invariably better than what you buy on the shelf. But if you must have the ridges from the can, then make yours in an empty can to complete the effect. (Image via Food in Jars)
Cranberry Conserve, found on
Cranberry Conserve
Leave it chunky, plus maybe add the hearrty crunch of nuts, for a conserve that adds tooth to the classic sauce. (Image via Stephanie the Recipe Renovator)

Cranberry Salsa, found on
Cranberry Salsa
Sweet and spicy, this gluten free condiment of honey-sweetened cranberries, onions, and peppers is terrific on a leftover turkey sandwich or in a host of recipes. This can be water bath canned for holiday hostess gifts. (Image via Farm Fresh Feasts)
Cranberry Relish
Keep it fresh and lively for a condiment that wakes up all sorts of dishes. (Image via trish0605)
Cranberry Chutney, found on
Cranberry Chutney
Spike it with spice and vinegar for a vibrant chutney. (Image via dianapritchard)
Cranberry Jam, found on
Cranberry Jam
On its own or paired with other fruit, cranberries jam up a dream. (Image via Cooking in Westchester)
Cranberry Jelly, found on
Cranberry Jelly
Shimmering red cranberry juice makes a luminous jelly full of tangy tartness. (Image via What Julia Ate)
Cranberry Juice, found on
Cranberry Juice
Speaking of cranberry juice, Culinaria Eugenius shows how to extract your own, and put it up for future use in cocktails, or even as part of a cure for gravlax.
Cranberry Marmalade, found on
Cranberry Marmalade
Cranberries and citrus are a match made in heaven, with complimentary sour-bitter notes that make a delightful marmalade. (Image via TO Tastings)
Cranberry Curd, found on
Cranberry Curd
Why should lemons have all the fun? Cranberries make an equally delicious curd, with an alluring rosy hue to boot. (Image via Larder Love)
Cranberry Ketchup, found on
Cranberry Ketchup
Petit tart berries stand in for summer tomatoes in this alternative take on one of America's favorite condiments. (Image via Sean Sullivan)
Cranberry Mustard, found on
Cranberry Mustard
The condimental applications continue with crans mixed into mustard for a zesty spread. (Image via Local Kitchen)
Pickled Cranberries, found on
Pickled Cranberries
Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em: Pickled cranberries have a complex flavor all their own. (Image via PhickleFermenter)
Cranberry Infusions, found on
Cranberry Infusions
Pop those berries into vodka, gin or whiskey for infusions and liqueurs that will make the yuletide gay. (Image via Rachel Cotterill)
Cranberry Syrup, found on
Cranberry Apple Shrub
Cranberry-apple shrub is a tangy taste of fall, and a great addition to the holiday table. From "Shrubs: An Old Fashioned Drink for Modern Times" by Michael Dietsch.
Cranberry Syrup, found on
Cranberry Syrup
Steep crans in sugar water for a sweet-tart syrup that will add spark to cocktails all winter long. (Image via formerchef)
DIY Food Coloring, found on
DIY Food Coloring
Use those bright red berries to make a red food coloring for holiday baking. From Scratch Club shows you how.


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