Everything's Better With Butter (Especially When You Make It Yourself)

Everyone knows that everything's better with butter. But did you know you could make your own, and it's easy as can be? Just grab some cream and get churning. Here's a few variations on this sumptuous spread.

Homemade Butter
Homemade Butter
Cream + agitation = butter. Whether you shake it in a jar or hit it with a blender or stand mixer, butterfat congeals into sweet, creamy butter. Leave it sweet or salt it for extra flavor and longevity -- or freeze it for the long haul. (Image via Hedonia.)
Cultured Butter
Cultured Butter
Started with crème fraîche instead of sweet cream, and you get a butter that's tangy and tongue-tingling, in the European style. (Image via whiskeychicken1.)

Don't discard the liquid you strain from cultured butter. That's the original and true buttermilk, and it adds a refreshing tang to biscuits, fried chicken ... or just enjoyed in a tall, cool glass. (Image via TotesEmily.)
Compound Butter
Whip up softened butter with fruit, herbs, spices or other flavoring agents for compound butters, adding layers of complexity to your sweet or salty butter. (Image via leighannewilkes.)
Clarified Butter
Clarified Buttter
Simmer away the milk solids in butter, and you're left with the clarified butterfat, or ghee. A staple in the Indian kitchen, it's shelf-stable with a high smoke point, making it an excellent cooking fat. (Image via Local Kitchen.)

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