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Think about it. It's simple logic:

  1. Desserts are delicious.
  2. We eat first with our eyes.
  3. Everything is cuter in jars, therefore...
  4. Desserts in jars are more delicious.

Shaina Olmanson's book Desserts in Jars capitalizes on exactly that logic, serving forth dozens of sweet recipes in several categories both baked and frozen, fruity and custardy, caky and crumbly. Pies, cupcakes, puddings, crèmes brûlées, crisps, crumbles, parfaits, cheesecakes ... the list goes on and on, all made right inside mason jars I know you already have plenty of. There's even a section with recipes for baking mixes to prepare as giftable jars, wrapped as you will with ribbons or butcher's twine or whatever you like to add a little flair. 

I met Shaina at a recent conference here in San Francisco, and I guiltily admitted I'd had a couple copies of the book hanging out in my office, begging to be given away. "Do it for Mother's Day!" She said. And so that's exactly what I'm doing. 

To enter to win a copy, scroll down and leave a comment about desserts with your mother. Maybe it's your favorite cake that she made for your birthday every year, or something you turned her on to that she can't get enough of now. Make it sweet!

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Cookie and cake is my favorite dessert all time. In Christmas holiday my mom makes cookies and cake for me and my friends.

Christmas Cookies

Every Christmas my mom would make these mazing chocolate crumble cookies. No idea how she does it; it's just magic! I would always look forward to eating these after Christmas Eve dinner!

Mom's Cookie Jar

Cookies were a regular dessert when I was growing up. My Mom thought and so do I that there were infinet varieties. My favorites were gingerbread in the Fall, Russian Tea Cakes in Winter, Lemon in the Spring and Macaroons in Summer

LOVE this!

My Mom always made this cream-cheese-cranberry-jello concoction that was "dessert" to me. I always asked for it on my birthday too!

Favorite Dessert

aMy Mom always made two Cherry Cream Cheese Pies for every holiday dinner. I made the pie for Easter after not having it since she passed away in '97. First pie I'd seen my brother enjoy in years.

My Mom makes my the best date

My Mom makes my the best date cake w/caramel sauce *ever*!

Holiday Cookies

Baking holiday cookies with my working-full-time single mama of 2 kids Super Mama provided lasing loving memories. Our favorites, Rocks (yummy spicy raisin cookies), and wedding cakes...mmmmm, warm Mama-Love memories!

Best birthday cake ever

I will never forget my 16th birthday when my mom made strawberry shortcake for me. She also gave me a Corvette. (Granted, it was a Hot Wheels Corvette, but that was the only version she could afford!) Then, she and I sat together - just the two of us - and ate some cake.
Man! I miss her!

My mother makes a mean apple

My mother makes a mean apple pie :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Apple Pie and Cinnamon Rolls

For Thanksgiving my mom always made the best apple pie. Me, my brother and my sister would watch her peel the apples. After that my mom would finish the pie and we would eat apple peels while putting butter, sugar and cinnamon on leftover dough. Then we rolled it into "cinnamon rolls" to be served as appetizers.

my mums best dessert

my mum made the best bramley apple pie and custard and the close second was creamy rice pudding

Sugar Cookies

One of the things my sister and I loved to do with my mom was make sugar cookies--help roll and cut, then eat tasty browned cookies with or without homemade frosting. It wasn't until I was an adult that I found out that my mom HATED making those cookies because of the way the dough would stick to her fingers. She said it gave her a feeling like claustrophobia. However, she kept doing it because she thought it was good for us kids--tactile experiences, learning to bake, etc. Whenever I think of those cookies, I smile and think, that's true love.

Dessert with Mama

Sour cream pound cake. Although I never could eat it toasted with more butter on it the way my mother and friend did!

Love the idea of desserts in

Love the idea of desserts in jars. My Mom made the best pineapple cream pie.....Yum!!

strawberry shortcake

Every year my mom and I would go to a "you pick" strawberry farm at 5 am. That was only the start of our day. After picking we would go home, wash and cut the berries and then prepare most of them to freeze (so we could enjoy year round). After that long day we would sit down and enjoy some strawberry shortcake. I'm now a Pastry Chef and still enjoy strawberry shortcake I just make it a little different. This year I moved back home after living in north Carolina for seven years and I'm very excited to go out and pick berries and enjoy strawberry shortcake with her.

Ice Cream Castles

When my sisters and I were growing up my Mama used to assemble extravagant I've cream cakes for our birthdays in the shape of big beautiful castles. She would decorate them with cookies, candies, and edible flowers for me (my birthday is in the end of may). They were sooooo beautiful and always a big hit at our birthday parties!

Mommy and me

Gotta love making dolly Polly Santa cookies from bhg with mom when I was little. Who doesn't love rolling lots of little balls that magically value into a Santa. Plus we got to load them with frosting beards and cuffs!!!

Mommy and me

Never forget the long days of rolling holly jolly Santa cookies with mom for Christmas! They take forever but the little santas were always our favorite. And we got to frost them!

My mom's homemade frosting

My mom's homemade frosting was put on every birthday cake. It put that canned stuff to shame! It was so light and fluffy, my sister and I would fight for bowl-licking rights.


My mom always makes these delicious bun candy (nut goodies) at Christmas every year. They are amazing, but probably way too high in sugar for me to stomach now!

Rum cake!

My mother makes the best rum cake ever!! Not to be consumed near open flames :)

Love desserts in jars! I do

Love desserts in jars! I do mousse and pots de creme and jars are perfect for them!

Chocolate is the best, and

Chocolate is the best, and that's what my mom loves. Last year I gave her a whole set of jars with dark chocolate mousse in them and she loved it!

Aww my mom and I make

Aww my mom and I make Norwegian desserts together. I wish I were back in the Midwest to make some lefse now!


My father was always the pie maker, but now I am. The request for Mother's Day is lemon meringue.


My mother made the best blackberry cobbler from berries we had just picked during the fall. She didn't make desserts or sweets often, but when she did...? Yum!

would like to win!

My mom used to make a recipe from her grandmother. It was more like desert alchemy than baking. Many of you are more than likely familiar with it. The dry ingredients are mixed....including lots of beautiful aromatic cocoa. The she would pour liquid on top of the dry ingredients with the flourish of an accomplished magician and pop it in the oven. Once I smelled the delicate cocoa crispness in the air I would tear into the kitchen. This dessert was only good moments after it came out of the oven or so I was told. On the table would be this gorgeous puffy looking chocolate cake that held a secret....gooey warm pudding. My mom would cut up strawberries and add a little cream and it was a heavenly combination crispy crust, airy cake and rich gooey pudding ......I bet it would work in a jar!

Cottage Pudding

My favorite dessert was cottage pudding with lemon sauce. It's actually a plain cake (not sure why it was called pudding) and the tart lemon sauce was the perfect topping. Why do I not have this recipe? Will be asking my mom for it today. Might even be good in a jar...

Thousand Layer Cake

My Abeulita would make this special Chilean desert for our birthdays. I was able to help her a few times just so I could lick the bowl. It is a labor of love and I would blow out my candle and wish that there would be leftovers.

Buttery and crispy pastry sheets layered between dulce de leeche or manjar. I should figure out how to make this in a jar!

Growing up I always wanted

Growing up I always wanted pumpkin pie for my birthday, but my birthday is about a month before anyplace really starts carrying it so my mom always made sure that I got to celebrate with pumpkin cake or tarts or something amazing to hold me over until pumpkin pie season.

I got three words for y'all.

I got three words for y'all. Mom's Peach Cobbler. It seriously tastes like it was made by angels. (Don't get me started on her cornbread though! AMAZING!) I got the recipe and I make it all the time for my husband. I don't eat it anymore due to my diet, but I enjoy it vicariously through him. Okay, I sneak a bite now and then. It's so delicious and reminds me so much of my childhood growing up in South Carolina!

Mmmmm, this sounds lovely.

Mmmmm, this sounds lovely. Please let me win!!

Gotta tell us something about

Gotta tell us something about dessert and your mother to qualify.

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