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Conquering the Quixotic Quince

Knobby, hard and fuzzy, quince won't win any beauty contests, but their intoxicating perfume lures you in. Once you know how to conquer these rugged beasts, their heady flavor -- and substantial pectin structure -- make them a preserver's dream.

Canned Quinces, found on
Cutting a Quince
Quince are tough customers. Before you lop off a finger trying to chop into one, be sure to check out this video from What Julia Ate. Your digits will thank you.
Canned Quince in  Syrup, found on
Canned Quince in Syrup
Canned slices of aromatic quince made all the more exotic with white wine or rose syrup will find their way into your holiday baking regimen.

Quince Jam, found on
Quince Jam
As the quince cook down, they take on a rosy hue. Mashed into a simple jam, flavored with vanilla, spices or nothing at all, quince jam is pure perfection. (Image via Dos Gatos Kitchen)
Quince Preserves, found on
Quince Preserves
Left chunkier, quince make a nice condiment alongside meats and mains -- ideal for the holiday table. (Image via The Immigrant's Table)
Cooked down even further, quince's pectinous character takes over, turning into a firm paste known as membrillo in Spain and South America, and favored as a pairing with manchego cheese. (Image via My Own Labels)
Quince Jelly, found on
Quince Jelly
Strain out the juices to make a glowingly rosy-pink jelly that positively shimmers. (Image via Susan Covey)
Quince Marmalade, found on
Quince Marmalade
Kick up the jelly quotient with pleasingly bitter citrus for addedd dimensions of deliciousness. (Image via Grow It, Can It, Cook It)
Quince Butter, found on
Quince Butter
Smoother and denser than jam, quince butter is an excellent way to use slightly overripe quince. (Image via Autumn Makes and Does)
Quince Chutney, found on
Quince Chutney
Just like apples, quince are a natural for the tangy, zingy flavors of chutney. (Image via Hitchhiking to Heaven)
Savòr, found on
Technically a conserve, savor is a melange of quince, apple and pear, with almonds and walnuts, plus any other nuts that you like.
Cranberry Quince Sauce, found on
Cranberry Quince Sauce
Cranberries and quince pair beautifully to create a jewel-toned sauce, tart with the perfect touch of sweetness. Make this to add an unexpected twist to your Turkey Day table. (Image via Blue Kale Road)
Ratafia of Quince, found on
Ratafia of Quince
A traditional liqueur made in France, quince is steeped in a neutral liquor and sweetened, making for a luscious after-dinner aperitif. (Image via Sissi)
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