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Chestnuts Old and New

When Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose, break out the chestnuts. Here's a few ways to use them beyond simply enjoying them by the fireside.

Chestnut jam, found on Chestnut Jam
Creamy, sweet and rich, chestnut jam harkens back to early American traditions. From Auburn Meadow Farm.

Chestnut Spread, found on Chestnut Spread
Another rich confection made from chestnuts. This spread is a snap when you use the pressure cooker. From Hip Pressure Cooking.

Honey-Sweetened Chestnut Butter, found on Honey-Sweetened Chestnut Butter
Silky, slightly sweet, and flecked with vanilla seeds, this chestnut butter is good for breakfast or for adding to holiday gift baskets. From Food in Jars.

Chestnut Brandy, found on Chestnut Brandy
A fantastic present to give someone during these chilly months, you can get away with using a cheaper brandy here so don’t start reaching for that special bottle of Armagnac. From Well Hung Food.

Chestnut Infusion Chestnut Infusion
Infuse chestnuts with cranberries and cinnamon in whiskey to make a delicious base for holiday cocktails. From My Man's Belly.

How to Make Chestnut Flour, found on How to Make Chestnut Flour
Chestnuts are super tasty and very easy to forage. Make this Chestnut flour as a brilliant present for gluten-free friends. From Well Hung Food.

Chesntuts Old and New, found on

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