Brussels Sprouts Four Ways

Wee little cabbages, Brussels sprouts are good for more than just roasting. Here's a few ways to make these brainy brassicas into tangy treats.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts
Pickled Brussels Sprouts
Pickle them up in a brine -- especially a spicy one -- to retain their crispness. Better yet, mix them up with asparagus and pearl onions for the ultimate Bloody Mary garnish mix. (Image via Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking)

Brussels Sprouts Sauerkraut
Brussels Sprouts Sauerkraut
For a twist on traditional sauerkraut, soak Brussels sprouts in a briny mixture of peppercorn, dill, garlic, and chilies, and ferment until tangy and delicious, and voilà -- your very own sprout kraut. (Image via Karen Solomon)
Brussels Sprouts Kimchi
Brussels sprouts are in the brassica family along with Napa and green cabbage. With just a little extra prep (to overcome their toughness), you can make a great kimchi with these tough little buggers! (Image via Fermenters Club)
Encurtido (Colombian Style Pickled Veggies)
Encurtido (Colombian Style Pickled Veggies)
Encurtido is the classic condiment to Central and South American foods like arepas and pupusas. The addition of cumin takes the flavor of these pickled Brussels sprouts to a whole other level. (Image via Poor Girl Eats Well)


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